About Kent Products

The range of products we promote in the Kent Saddlery online store has continually developed since 1988 with the aim of providing a comprehensive range of good quality gear.

Most of the leather products in our store are carefully handcrafted in the Kent Saddlery workshop. We choose suppliers of materials and products carefully, with priority given to consistent quality, and reliable supply. It’s a challenge, and we do our very best to source top quality replacements when particular items are no longer available. Many of the Kent Saddlery store items are our own design, handcrafted in our workshop and are unavailable elsewhere.

Value for money

  • We are committed to supplying quality products and service;
  • Significant numbers of products priced the same from year to year;
  • Quite a number priced cheaper where we have been able to buy more competitively;
  • Some price rises have been necessary.

We endeavour to price our products at a level which gives our customers value for money and enables us to maintain and improve our service and products.

Special Orders

Product Modifications

The products we make at Kent Saddlery are all handcrafted, and to maintain efficiency, are usually made in multiple batches. Even a minor change, like a different buckle, makes the product a customised item, requiring extra planning time and work. Depending on the modification to one of our products, there is a 25% to 50% additional cost. We are usually able to make minor modifications and will advise the extra cost before proceeding.

One Off Custom Products

Kent Saddlery is not in a position to make ‘one off’ custom products. Other leather craftsmen may be able to meet individual needs/requests for custom made ‘one off’ products and we suggest asking in Facebook groups such as one of the following:

Made in Australia Equine : https://www.facebook.com/groups/737421116360729/

‘Australian’ Made Leather Gear and Products for Sale Onlyhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/448953472539864/