Fitting A Saddle

“We want you to have a saddle that fits you and your horse well.”

Saddle Tree

The first priority is a saddle tree to fit your horse. We offer three basic styles of saddle tree:

  • Stock Horse Tree – Thoroughbred style stock horses with prominent wither and narrow shoulders.
  • Semi Quarter Horse Tree – Fits a wide range of horses.
  • Quarter Horse Tree – Heavy set, low withered horses.

Shape of the horse’s wither

To assist the saddler in choosing a saddle tree for a particular horse, or breed of horse; a template of the horse’s wither is helpful. To make a template, take a piece of soft fencing wire and run it up the shoulder and over the wither. Trace the shape onto a sheet of paper.

Photos of the horse

Specific photos of your horse will also assist the tree makers in choosing the best tree option for your horse:

  • Photo 1 – Of your horse side on;
  • Photo 2 – Taken from a raised position, and from the rear, of your horse’s back;
  • Photo 3 – Taken as you are tracing the horse’s wither.

We recommend a tree to fit your widest horse because you can always pad up but not down.

Saddle Size

We believe that choosing the correct size for a personal saddle is paramount so we need as much information as possible.

It’s also very important to consider weight fluctuations.

Ben, Daniel and Tom have vast experience in choosing the saddle size best suited to the rider.

We measure the saddle size by measuring the bare tree from the back of the pommel to the inside top of the cantle. Saddle sizes are in increments of 1/2 inches.

To choose the correct size saddle for you, we need your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Jeans size
  • A photo of the rider standing is a big help.
  • Arm measurement (from base of armpit to tip of fingers)
  • Hip Measurement (around the butt)
  • Thigh measurement (around one thigh near the top)
  • Inside leg measurement (from the crutch to the floor, with boots on)

Saddle Fit

How to adapt one saddle to suit a wide range of horses:

  • Placing heavy pads under the saddle changes the shape of the horse so you need to consider if they are necessary for each individual horse.
  • We recommend using a light saddle cloth to gauge the fit of the saddle. If the saddle fits well, leave it at that.
  • Comfort and fit for the horse is about saddle shape, not about softness.
  • Use a pad if necessary to fill the horse out. If there is not enough clearance for the wither use a pad with a cutaway chamber. (see the Koda felt saddle pad with leather chambers, Code SB05, on our Saddle Blankets page)
  • Neoprene pads (available on our Saddle Blankets page) are also great for this purpose as they have less padding along the gullet and chambers.