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  • Saddle Materials

    Leather Kent Saddles are made using only the very best leather. Our leather is sourced mostly from the USA as well as some Australian suppliers. We primarily use USA tannery Wickett and Craig’s leather as we have found it to be of a consistently high standard. Right: Wickett and Craig’s Matt Bressler (sales manager) talking […]

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  • Saddle Care

    Initial Treatment A new saddle needs breaking in like a pair of boots. Special attention is needed from the start to take the squeak out and make the leather soft and pliable and the saddle comfortable to ride in. Oil rough out and smooth out leather in exactly the same way. Once you’re sure that […]

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  • Saddle FAQ’s

    Call 1800 651 535 for your no obligation saddle consultation.  We love talking about saddles and can help you choose a saddle style and options for your needs. Feel free to call in and see us, or phone one of our saddlers, Ben, Daniel or Tom, with any questions you may have. Will the saddle fit […]

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  • Saddle Testimonials

    It’s as good now after 15 years of riding as the day it arrived. Shelley McRae, NSW, Station Special Saddle We love our Kent Saddles. I was lucky enough to be given the privilege of riding in a brand new Station Special in the stockcamp at Birrindudu 1999. It fitted every horse I was given for the […]

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  • Fitting A Saddle

    “We want you to have a saddle that fits you and your horse well.” Saddle Tree The first priority is a saddle tree to fit your horse. We offer three basic styles of saddle tree: Stock Horse Tree – Thoroughbred style stock horses with prominent wither and narrow shoulders. Semi Quarter Horse Tree – Fits a wide range of […]

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