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“Mix and match to get the saddle you want!”

We want you to have a saddle that fits you and your horse well, so our saddles are custom made to your requirements.
When purchasing an Equaliser Saddle you can choose from any of the following options.

Leather – Smooth or Rough Out

We recommend rough out leather for heavy work conditions as it resists scratches and gives better grip for the rider. An option is rough out seat and knee pads with the skirt and fenders smooth. A completely smooth out leather saddle is also available, however we don’t recommend it for work conditions.

Most of our saddles are made either rough out (i.e. flesh side out) or a combination of rough and smooth because:

  • We find that the rough side of leather stands up to everyday wear and tear better than the smooth side
  • The strongest part of the leather is the smooth side so it needs to be protected from damage by scratching and rubbing
  • A cut on the smooth side will open up whereas the rough side of leather can be cut half way through without opening up
  • A scratched smooth out saddle doesn’t look too good therefore affecting resale value
  • Rough out seats and kneepads also give a better grip

Knee Pad Styles

Saddle Equaliser Western Drafter Kneepad Front

Western Drafter knee pads

4″ Western Drafter knee pads give the best security for the rider and are a popular choice for mustering and trail riding.

Saddle Equaliser Southern Drafter Kneepad Front

Southern Drafter knee pads

3 1/4″ Southern Drafter knee pads are the popular choice for polocrosse and endurance riding, …riders who need to lean over the front of the saddle.

Campdrafter knee pads

4″ Campdrafter knee pads are ideally suited to campdrafting, allowing freedom of movement and security.

Rigging Styles

All rigging styles have a wear flap which sits between the fenders and the rigging which allows the fenders to move back and forth without catching on the rigging.

Patented “Double H Ranch” Cable Rigging

Cable Rigging is included in the bare price of the Kent Equaliser Saddle.

We find that customers purchasing a personal saddle overwhelmingly choose cable rigging because of its proven features and advantages.


  • Revolutionary cable rigging
  • Continuous cable runs through the pommel and joins behind cantle
  • 19 strand steel cable
  • Cinch lace fits directly to cable – less bulk
  • Tree with cable tested to a strength of 2.2 tonne
  • Heavy PVC coating protects the cable from wear
  • Cable rigging designed to give the best girthing position for individual horses
Saddle Rigging Cable

Advantages of cable rigging:

  • Closer leg contact
  • Saddle finds its own balance
  • Greater stability
  • Less likely to need a flank girth
  • Allows rider to slide cinch laces to the best girthing position

In-skirt Rigging

Included in the bare price of the Kent Equaliser Saddle.

In-skirt rigging means that the rigging dee is inserted between the two layers of the skirt. The stainless steel dee is reinforced with seat belt webbing which is fitted into the panel and attached to the saddle tree at the front and back for extra strength.

Saddle Rigging InSkirt

Station Special Rigging

Only available with the Station Special Saddle and included in the bare price.

The Station Special rigging incorporates a stainless steel dee which is suspended on leather straps reinforced with seat belt webbing and attached to the saddle tree at front and back.

Fender Mount Options

Your choice of fender mounts will be determined by the styles of saddle you are used to, and your riding style; whatever suits you. Either option is included in the bare price of a saddle. We have found that whichever style people choose they soon adapt to it.

Fenders hung from spring bars

Preferred by the rider who likes plenty of forward movement with the fenders.The Spring Bars on our fender saddles are similar to those on a flap saddle with the fenders under the flap instead of over. Spring Bar fenders give more freedom of movement, especially forward, so someone who has been riding in a flap saddle would adjust to them easily. The Spring Bar fender has the added safety advantage that if the rider gets thrown and hung up, chances are that the fender will slip off the spring bar. (The vast majority of our saddle buyers choose this style).

Fender Mount - Spring Bar

Fenders over the tree

Designed for a person who likes to ride fairly straight up and down, dressage or western style. Our saddles have a rock bar where the fender strap goes over the tree which has a pivoting effect as the fender moves back and forth with the leg.

Fender Mount - Rock Bar

Fender Options

2″ Blevin Buckle Fenders

Picture on left: The fenders come standard with Kent Equaliser and Station Special Saddles.

Fenders with 1 1/4″ Straps and Buckles

Picture on right: These fenders are a cheaper option and save $55 off the bare saddle price.

Fenders Blevin Buckle
Fenders with Straps and Buckles

Skirt Options

Saddle One piece skirt and no flank dee

One piece skirt and no flank dee

Standard, and part of bare saddle price.

Saddle Flank Dee with double skirt

Flank Dee with double skirt

An additional $95 on base price.

Lining Options

Felt Lining

Felt lining is included in bare price of saddle. We recommend felt lining in preference to wool especially in hot climates and stock work conditions. Felt lining has a much longer life, is less likely to attract burrs and is much easier to maintain (just a matter of hosing it).

Wool Lining

An additional $40 on bare price of saddle.

More Customisation Options

The Kent Equaliser Saddle pictured here has a range of extra customisation features.

Silver Conchos – $50

Add some extra bling to your saddle with Silver Conchos. Very popular for camp drafters where the saddle is on show.

Two Tone Leather – $150

The combination of two tone leather adds some additional class and sophistication to the saddle.

Cheyenne Roll – $150

A Cheyenne Roll on the top of the cantle tilts back to allow the rider more room in the saddle.

Saddle with conchos two tone leather cheyenne roll

Also available

Webbing Surcingle

All our saddles can be fitted with a webbing surcingle for attaching a second girth for Pony Club or Polocrosse competitions for only $50.

Brass Plate with Engraving

A brass plate with engraving of your choice can be fitted to your personal saddle for only $28. More details >

Neatsfoot Blend

Many customers also purchase Neatsfoot Blend for oiling their saddle. Available in 375ml, 1L, 2L and 5L. Prices start from $18 and available here >