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Station Special Saddle ~ $3250 AUD incl GST (Bare)

This very popular station saddle is designed for station use with a low maintenance one piece seat, a 4″ cantle, and separate rigging.

The Station Saddle can be customised with the following options. For more details see Saddle Options >

Features & Options

Cost (including GST)

Leather – Rough Out or Smooth Out Included in bare price
Knee Pads – 4″ Western Drafter only Included in bare price
Rigging – Station Special Rigging only Station Special Rigging included in bare price.
Fenders – On Spring Bars or Over The Tree Included in bare price
Fenders – 2″ Blevin Buckles or
1 1/4″ Straps and Buckles
2″ Blevin Buckle Fenders included in bare price.
Fenders with 1 1/4″ Straps and Buckles SAVE $55.
Flank Girth Dees and Double Skirt Included in bare price
Lining Felt Lining included in bare price.
Wool Lining $40
Two Tone Leather $150
Cheyenne Roll $150
Silver Conchos $50
Brass Plate with engraving $28
Webbing Surcingle $50
Girth Available in online store
Laces Available in online store
Oxbows Available in online store
Postage Quoted based on location

With your deposit of $1000 our saddlers will start customising your saddle.
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Kent Saddle Station Special

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