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Bert Olsen…”Pup”, Blina Station, West Kimberleys, WA

Bert Olsen came to Meda Station, WA in 2005. He’d come to Meda to see his Mum who is a nurse and to “give it a go”. our years later he’s giving the role of Head Stockman a go at Blina Station, and is doing a great job. The mop of wooly hair is gone, but the cheeky smile remains, along with a friendly accepting nature.

“My Kent Saddle is the best thing I’ve bought for station gear; tough and low maintenance. It’s good….give it 3 or 4 oils with olive oil and away you go. It fits this horse, and all the other horses, and I can’t fault it. The cable rigging – no dramas – if a horse has a cut, been gored, or has fly bight, you can put the girth right back. I like the buckle system too – you can let it loose when a lively horse has calmed down.”

The stock camp have only recently been based at Blina – a relatively new complex established by Jumbuck Pastoral Co, which owns Ellendale Blina and Meda Kimberley Downs Stations in the west Kimberleys. Pup has been involved in the initial adjustment at Blina, along with Manager George McMeekin and wife Crystal. “It’s not bad for the first year; and we’re still finding our feet, and organizing everything. We’re keen to get some horses broken in.”

Pup is aware of the need to encourage the team of workers at Blina. “We all interact together after work, and I don’t isolate myself.” Looking back on his three years of station experience Pup says, “If you’ve got a bit of get up and go about you, and you keep going, you can go a long way.”

Image captions:

1) Bert Olsen, Head Stockman at Blina

2) Pup with his mother, Wendy, 2005