Handcrafted with care from the inside out

Kent Saddles are custom made by our passionate team of saddlers in our SE Qld workshop.
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The Saddle Tree

The crucial foundation of the saddle structure

At Kent Saddlery we make the tree for every Kent saddle. Kent saddle trees are constructed from carbon composite, reinforced with carbon fibre for extra strength and durability.

Lightweight and moisture resistant, each tree is manufactured according to the requirements of horse and rider. With the ability for customers to work with our saddlers to choose knee pad and cantle style as well as the most suitable inner seat size and tree type.

Full grain leather

Kent Saddles are made using only the very best leather.  Our leather is sourced mostly from the USA as well as some Australian suppliers. We primarily use USA tannery Wickett and Craig’s leather as we have found it to be of a consistently high standard.
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Choosing your leather combination

Our saddles are made from either smooth or rough (flesh side out) leather or a combination of both.

You have the choice of smooth or rough out leather in brown or russet for the following parts of your saddle: Seat, Kneepads, Skirt, Cantle Back, Cantle Roll, and Fender.

We find a rough out seat for extra grip and smooth for the remainder of the saddle to be a very popular choice being both practical and stylish.

If your saddle will be living the rough life, we recommend you choose rough out knee pads and cantle roll for more scratch resistance.


We offer three choices of rigging to suit your preferences, each with their own benefits.
Saddle Features 4

Cable Rigging

Closer leg contact with greater stability

Cinch laces can slide to the best girthing position

Saddle finds its own balance

Less likely to need a flank girth

Saddle Features 5

In-skirt Rigging

The rigging dee is inserted between the two layers of the skirt. The stainless steel dee is reinforced with seat belt webbing which is fitted into the panel and attached to the saddle tree at the front and back for extra strength.

Saddle Features 6

Station Special Rigging



Strong and durable

Popular choice for station workers


A wide range of options and features to customise your perfect saddle.

Saddle Features 7

Two Tone Leather

The combination of two tone leather adds some additional class and sophistication to the saddle.

Saddle Features 8

Cheyenne Roll

Tilted back to reduce the overall height of the cantle and gives a more streamlined ‘western’ style look.

Saddle Features 9

Flank Girth Dees & Double Skirt

(Only available on the Campdrafter and Western Drafter)

Saddle Features 10

Embossing - Full Skirt

Beautifully emboss the whole skirt with a pattern to distinguish your saddle when at a show or event.

Saddle Features 11

Embossing - Half Skirt

Beautifully emboss half of the skirt with a pattern to distinguish your saddle when at a show or event.

Saddle Features 12

Embossing - Fenders

Beautifully emboss the fenders with a pattern to distinguish your saddle when at a show or event.

Saddle Features 13

Padded Seat

Using lighter leather with padding underneath gives the seat a softer feel.

Saddle Features 14


Add extra bling to your saddle by replacing some of the screws with these stunning Silver Conchos.

Saddle Features 15

Brass Plate

Add a brass plate to the back of your saddle with an engraved name of your choice.

Chat with our Saddlers

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