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Going the extra mile since 1988

An Australian
family business

Kent Saddlery is the family business of Lyle and Helen Kent. We’re a fair dinkum Saddlery with experience on cattle stations, and a connection to the outback and country people. We are committed to supplying quality goods and services at a price that represents genuine value for money.

About Us

Why we go the extra mile.

Our Journey

From little things, big things grow.

Our Retail Store

Come on in and smell the leather.

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For every day... For decades...
Handcrafted Saddles
Kent Saddles are custom made to your specific requirements and handcrafted using only the highest quality materials to ensure maximum reliability, durability, and comfort for both horse and rider.
From the saddle tree to the finished product, our focus is on building a comfortable and stylish saddle for everyday use.

Our Saddles

Handcrafted and durable saddles.

Saddle Features

The foundations of a Kent Saddle.

Fitting a Saddle

Creating comfort for horse and rider.

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A classic and uniquely Australian range of products.

Designed and manufactured in response to customer requests for beautiful and practical Australian Made products using premium leather. Handcrafted onsite in the Kent Saddlery workshop and designed in collaboration with leather workers from within the world renowned, historical and exclusive French handbag industry.

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