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Chris Bateman

Interest and enthusiasm

Chris was 16 years old and ringing at Soudan Station, NT when we first met him. As well as his red hair, we were impressed with his dedication to the industry, and in particular, his enthusiasmand interest in horses, and the need for a good saddle.
The Brunette Races and Campdraft is one of the major events on the Barkly Tablelands each year. Station people, participants and tourists converge at the Brunette Downs race course, for several days of competition, socialising and fun.

The organising committee of the Brunette Races and Campdraft offer a saddle as an incentive for young competitors, and in 2007, we were happy to hear that Chris had received a Kent saddle for winning the jackeroos encouragement draft and the bullock ride.

It’s evident that young people like Chris, who have entered the industry with a positive determined attitude can quickly make the most of opportunities.

Chris Bateman -Testimony
“I have had a few saddles and I have liked them. However the Kent saddle has stood up to the test of a ringer’s life. I can do a decent day riding in it and not get sore at all. The cable rigging is great. It self-centres and finds the correct position for the horse, and because I’m always riding different horses, the Kent Saddle is great.”

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1) Chris Bateman