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Terry and Geraldine Dwan

“We build what you want”

We arrived home from our annual Outback trip in August 2007, convinced that we needed a new outfit for future travels. The truck and gooseneck had served us well, however the 2007 trip had contained some ‘problem moments’. We decided to change to a body truck with a built on shop living facility. Lyle was driving through the Warwick Industrial Estate when he noticed a striking new gooseneck parked at the Supafloats site, so he went in and spoke with Terry and Geraldine. Lyle was immediately impressed with Terry’s confidence and expertise, but disappointed when Terry indicated there was little possibility of building an outfit in time for our 2008 trip. We admit that we were persistent, and grateful when they fitted us into their schedule.

Having completed the 2008 maiden voyage in the Hino truck and Supafloat, we are very satisfied with the way the Supafloat fulfilled the demands of our annual sales trip.

At each cattle station stop, we open the display doors, and in five minutes we’re ready for customers. Labelled plastic drawers containing most products are easily accessed on custom made shelving and the saddles are well protected in a separate area.

The living quarters are great, with TV, DVD, CD, Radio and Air Conditioning (240 and 12 Volt). There’s a well equipped kitchen, office bench, and washing machine dryer which Helen loves! Toilet and shower room and extra indoor storage space are incorporated, and tools, generator, hoses, BBQ etc all have a ‘home’. Every space in the float is made useful and functional. The seals on all doors and compartments are A l, with minimal dust.

The Supafloats team are custom builders. Terry and Geraldine are adamant that there is no “standard” float. “We build what you want.
The market we want is what no one else wants …. at the top end of the scale, with emphasis on quality.”

Supafloats has been operating at Warwick for six years, and specialises in a range of body trucks, floats, and goosenecks. Terry completed a Sheet Metal trade, started building horse floats, and soon graduated to body trucks and goosenecks. He learned a lot dismantling goosenecks and claims “I’ve never stopped learning – from the good and the bad”

Our plans for the Supafloat were formulated on our 2007 trip, and when we presented our sketches and list of requirements, Terry and Geraldine didn’t bat an eyelid! They regard each order as unique and never “just another truck”.

The four workers at Supafloats combine their skills to build the custom made vehicles. Will came up with some middle-of- the-night solutions to some design challenges in our float, and Nathan, Josh and Dan contributed with design, attention to detail, and plain hard work.

Supafloats worked closely with Hino trucks to assure that the unit was the best it could be. We will remember our 2008 saddlery trip, our 18th, as the most comfortable, efficient and stress free yet – thanks to Supafloats.

Image captions:

1) Supafloats Crew: Nathan Porter, Will Drennert,
Joshua Mazzaracca, Dan Clarke, Terry Dwan & Geraldine Dwan

2) Napier Range, Kimberleys