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Kent Saddlery Station Trips

Lyle and Helen’s twenty one years of travelling to the cattle stations of the far North and West of Australia, and Outback QLD, have resulted in an accumulation of thousands of photos. Many of them are taken “on the move”, and Helen sometimes thinks about setting up an exhibition of some of the blurred images, and calling it the “Out my Truck Window Series”. Most would also feature the rear vision mirror (for special effects!), or the added interest of the UHF radio aerial, splitting the photograph into two irregular segments.

These photos are representative of the people, places, events and memories from recent trips. In 2010, we experienced a unique nineteen weeks, with rain following and overtaking us the whole way. Consequently, we’ve added some of the “bog” photos, which we didn’t have room to include in the 2011 catalogue. In contrast, there are some “high and dry” images, taken in some awesomely beautiful and interesting settings around the country. Our trips are packed with memorable moments, and we invariably come to the conclusion that it’s the generosity and friendship of the people we meet, that makes “the trip” so interesting, worthwhile and rewarding.

We continue to take a group photo at each cattle station stop over, and always carry albums of the current and previous years’ photos. We’re convinced that they’re the most popular and valuable items in the truck.

Station Shopping and Photos

“What’s the bet he’ll hit his fingers?”
– Walhallow Station, NT

“The good looking blokes are always somewhere else!”
– Studying the station photo albums

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Humbert River Station
For Lyle, the annual visit to Humbert River Station, in the Victoria River region, N.T., is a nostalgic trip down memory lane. He worked there “when he was young” and Humbert was the place where he was first introduced to leather work – regularly repairing saddles and other leather gear.

Bogged Photos 2010

“Have truck, will travel”

We were reminded that the 2010 and 2011 catalogues had no complete photos of the Kent Saddlery Truck, so we’re making up for it with this series of photos.

“Nary” Cattle on the move – “Tennappera”

– Narylico Station Far South West QLD
There’s something very satisfying about watching a mob of cattle moving quietly along, with horses and riders working methodically to bring them into the yards.

Throughout history, horses and cattle have been a natural combination, and well trained stock horses, and cattle which have been educated using low stress methods, are a good combination. At the end of the day, quiet cattle, contented horses, and stockmen and workers who know they’ve done a good days work means a good nights rest.

Image captions:

1) Hey Lyle!… Did you read the sign?
– Anthony Lagoon Station, NT

2) A long way to go!
– Far South West Qld

3) Looking for a home.
– Glengle Station, Channel Country, Qld

4) Yep,… think we’re definitely stuck!

5) Here we go!

6) THIS should do the trick

7) No? When the going gets tough… Bring in the loader

8) Cockburn Ranges – Gibb River Rd WA

9) Victoria River, Coolibah Station, NT

10) Kimberly, WA

11) Negri River, NT/WA Border