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“Red” – Jay Rhodes

Head Stockman,Camfield Station, NT

“Time to get a new one.”

Red is one of those people who have stayed in the cattle industry, maturing and gaining valuable stock experience,and a respected reputation as a reliable and skilled stockman. In 2009 he bought a new belt, stating it was “time to get a new one”. Looking at his old belt, we agreed that after 11 years, it was a good time to get a new one! He’d bought it when we visited Delamere Station in 1998.
Born and raised on Phillip Island,Victoria,Jay’s childhood included a horse and a few cattle. After leaving school he headed North, did some “city fun stuff in Brisbane,”then wanting to get back into work with horses and cattle, he enrolled at Katherine Rural College.He broadened his knowledge and skills by moving around the country and working on different cattle stations, returning to Katherine Rural College as part of the training team in 2003. During 2001 and 2002 he was employed at Elsey Station, near Katherine, and at the Mataranka Rodeo he met Angela Thompson…they are now engaged, and Angela is currently the governess at Camfield Station.

Asked what he likes about station life, Jay replies “Whats there not to like? There are not too many people, its open and free, and I love working with the horses.” He’s getting into some campdrafting, working with Camfield Manager, Mick Taskers’ horse “Hayley” out of “Dagwood Comet”. Red has had several years of head stockman experience and always encourages the ringers in the stockcamp to “have a go”, maintaining “its not a hard job to get into, and there’s an opportunity to do really well.”

Red’s words of advice are spoken with the voice of experience. It’s evident that he’s been willing to “have ago”, he’s seized opportunities, and done really well. Congratulations Red.