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Aaron Looker

Soudan Station, NT

“Compared to other saddles I have ridden in your saddle is the most comfortable by far.

It stands up to the test of station life.

It is great for handling rough horses and will fit on any horse no worries at all. Definitely the best investment I have made.”

Aaron has spent the last 3 years working for NAPCO; at Alexandria in ’07 and Soudan in ’08 and ’09. He hails from Guyra in North NSW where his grandparents have a sheep and cattle property. Aaron attended Dalby Agricultural College and began riding at 18 years of age. He loves horse work, and has enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of breaking in a colt each year, and then being able to work the horse for mustering and other stock work.

Image caption:

1) Lake Nash Station NT, Photo by Scott Bridle