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Kenny Wright

Davenport Downs, Qld
“A different life”

Kenny bought a Kent Western Drafter saddle in 2009, and is putting it to good use at Davenport Downs Station, West Qld, where he is into his second season as a ringer.
The 20 year old hails from Wondai(QLD), and comes from the family farm just out of town where he grew up with a few horses and a few cattle.

“I wanted to pay for the saddle in one pay, but the Rodeo came up and it took two. Its very comfortable.”

He’d rather ride horses than bikes,and has one of his Mum’s horses for work at Davenport Downs. He’s grateful to the manager Chayne Williams, who drove to Wondai to get the horse and bring it back to the station.

A young man of few words, Kenny says that station life is “different from town life,… it has its ups and downs.I guess… it grows on you.”