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Sarah Riordan

Margaret Downs, NT
“Any day, its good to ride a horse!”

As long as she can remember, Sarah has had an interest in horses. Growing up in Victoria and then Rockhampton, she came straight to Margaret Downs after schooling to work with her brother in law and sister, Neil and Emma Miller on the family property. She moved to town (Katherine) in 2008 “for a change”…that lasted about 2 months, and she was happy to return to the bush and the horses. Sarah purchased a Kent Saddle in2008 and she’s “really happy that I did get one. It’s the best make of saddle I’ve ridden in; if you’re trotting along and your horse shies, it holds you in real good!”

When we visited, Sarah was putting the finishing touches to the outfit by purchasing a bit, and colour coordinated(of course!) reins, and bridle. The family give her a ribbing about the saddle; Emma quoting Sarah’s warning to all “That’s my saddle, you look after it!” Neil chips in…”You didn’t worry about tying up my saddle when you used to use it!”
They all agree that Sarah.. “likes the horses. She kicks up a stink if she’s asked to ride a motor bike!” Sarah’s response? “Any day, its good to ride a horse.”