2011, People, Stories and Articles

Sean Harris

Mittiebah Station, NT

Sean Harris “loves chasing cows around”, and enjoys life at Mittiebah. We met Sean in 2007 at Caldervale Station, Qld, and his energy, exuberance, and friendliness is memorable.

He cheerfully admits that he was “no good at school…”, and has found “the high pace and action of station life” to his liking. Under the guidance of Mittiebah’s Head Stockman, Josh Wuersching, Sean’s interest and skills in horse work have developed. “I’ve learned a lot from Josh in the last six months.”

When we visited Mittiebah, Sean was ready to add more items to his kit of horse riding gear. He’d already bought a Kent Saddle and was enthusiastic about endorsing it. “It’s brilliant! I ride better, and I stay in it.” We had worked with Sean to make sure he had a saddle that fitted, and he appreciated the effort involved. “I love how you guys at Kent Saddlery are keen to help out.”