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Jena Clarke

Walhallow Station, NT

Jena Clarke, equipped in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of California, was enjoying working “Down Under” at Walhallow Station, Northern Territory. We were comparing the differences and similarities of “Oz” and “Yankee” clothing and work gear, and Jena shared that “everything here is really different; even the things I thought I was familiar with are different!”

Jena quickly detected our impression of her as a born and bred “cowgirl”. “No, I’m a town girl, raised in suburbia!” She explained that she “kinda stumbled into ranch work. I heard of a job in New Mexico and decided I’d go out and give it a shot. I did three seasons there, working with cattle, riding horses, hunting elk, and had so much fun.” Jena heard about Walhallow from her Dad, who is employed in banking. After a five day epic journey over oceans and continents, and apart from a brief look at Darwin, she arrived almost directly at Walhallow. Jena’s Australian experience so far had been Walhallow Station and Daly Waters! She was persuaded to dress up in some of her American gear; embroidered shirt, cowboy “Rag”… neck scarf, hat and embossed belt, complimented by an authentic Australian made whip and saddle bag.