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Rob Barratt and Kristin (Krissy) Adlan

Wondoola Station, North Qld

Rob Barratt and Kristin Adlan are representative of numbers of young people travelling The Outback who are ready and willing to “give it a go” and find employment on cattle stations.

Rob, an Agricultural Science student and Krissy, completing a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, were taking some time out from their studies, and experiencing a change at Wondoola Station in Qld’s Gulf. They didn’t expect to have access to the internet, and when Lyle and Helen arrived at Wondoola in May 2010 they greeted us with “Pity you didn’t come last week, we’ve just put in an order online.”

We were pleased to hear from Rob and Krissy that the Kent Saddlery Online Shop was easy to use. At Wondoola we put out the full display of goods for sale, which when we’re travelling includes a box of lollies (VERY POPULAR!). Rob and Krissy responded with indignation…. “You don’t have LOLLIES online!”