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Lauren Vaughan

Lauren Vaughan
Blina Station

Following an enjoyable stop over at Blina Station West Kimberly, WA, Lyle and Helen were ready to leave.

We arrived at Blina having an issue with our generator, and bush mechanics Stuey Jones and Andy Bates were keen to fix the problem.

There was an enthusiastic and somewhat hilarious night shopping session, coloured by a mood of excitement about the Fitzroy Crossing Campdraft and Rodeo at the weekend.

Walking to the shed to say goodbye, we noticed Lauren doing something to a Kent Saddle, and detoured to investigate. She was oiling the saddle with Kent Saddlery Leather Conditioner….. a photo opportunity not to be missed!

It was a station saddle, and Lauren rides in it. When we complimented her on the good job she was doing, she was quick to explain that when the saddle was new, Blina’s Manager, Matt Wood “made me oil it seven times before I used it!”