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Tania Cake

Tania Cake
Killarney Station, N.T

Tania describes Desert Hand Cream as “fantastic… brilliant stuff.”
With the Winter coming on, Tania noticed that her hands and skin were very dry. The weather, along with a skin allergy, were reasons for Tania to try different moisturising creams. There was no improvement, and Tania, who admits she’s “a bit of a bower bird,” remembered she had some Desert Cream stored away, and began putting it on, morning and night.

“I’m amazed; normally my hands would’ve been red with flakey dry skin, but the Desert Cream has stopped all that. It’s the best cream I’ve ever used. I should have starting using it as soon as I got it from you last year.” Desert Cream is an Australian made product, using natural ingredients, and is a great all purpose moisturiser for skin that is exposed to the extremes of Australian weather.