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Cassie Yates, Meda Station, Western Australia

“Old Friends’’

In our accounts of Outback travel, we often refer to “old friends” and it seems a contradiction when at times they are no more than twenty-five years of age.

We were delighted to meet with “old friend” Cassie Yates who has spent 2011 and 2012 at Meda Station near Derby, Western Australia, and was still enjoying “the lifestyle of a cattle station; the laid back people you meet, and working with cattle and horses.”

In 2005, Cassie came North from the Central wheat belt out of Perth “to see what I wanted to do.” Setting out on her Northern adventure, an old stockman friend advised her to “be on the ball, try your hardest, use your initiative, and listen to instructions carefully.” Cassie has been guided by those instructions and adds, “I went out, did what he told me and it was fine.”

She began at Ellendale and Blina stations WA in 2005 and 2006, and in 2007 worked at Rosewood Station on the Duncan Road N.T, where she was a member of an all girls weaner stock camp (see 2008 Kent Saddlery Catalogue.) In 2008, Cassie returned to the family farm during which time she committed to a year of study in Vet nursing. Then the Kimberley called once more, and she returned to Meda in 2011. At Meda, manager Jamie Laurisson and experienced staff value multi skilling, and Cassie explains. “If you’re keen they’ll teach you other skills….. driving graders, dozers, trucks, repair and maintenance as well as with horses and cattle. They help us, and we help them.”

Since we first met Cassie in 2005,we have come to know her as a softly spoken and somewhat shy and unassuming person. She is blessed with a dazzling smile which would melt the hardest of hearts and an attitude which is quietly confident; evidence of the valuable experience and skills acquired during a working life spent largely on the land.

Cassie loves working with the cattle and horses at Meda “….. I don’t like sheep much,” and in 2012 came to the Supa Float shop to stock up on some more horse gear. She is an old friend who has been a loyal customer of Kent Saddlery since our first meeting at Ellendale and it was great to see her once more. She melts our hearts every time.