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Sam Bartlett

“Getting used to it day by day.”

Sam Bartlett was “loving life out here” when Lyle and Helen met with him in August 2012 at the Baryulah Stock Camp on Nappa Merrie Station, home of the Bourke and Wills dig tree, near Innaminka, South Australia. Sam was well into his second year of stock work experience, having spent 2011 at Nockatunga Station, near Thargomindah, Qld.

Coming from Newcastle NSW, and attending school in Sydney, Sam made a significant decision to spend a gap year on a cattle station…. “from the city to the middle of nowhere!” He was planning to put in another year of station work and then “see where I’m at; whether I’ll stay in Qld, or go back down to God’s country.” He will also decide whether to return to University studies, or look at other options.

Sam has always had a love for horses, and in the last two years has “learned to ride, after falling off THAT many horses! I’d say I can half ride a horse now, and I guess I’m happy with that.”

Nappa Merrie’s manager, Peter “Whip” Degoumois uses horses extensively for mustering, and at the end of 2011, Sam purchased his own horse Clancy, and brought him to Nappa Merrie, where they’re both getting plenty of work.

“I had to buy a saddle for him and I’d ridden in Kent saddles at Nockatunga, so I was confident to buy a Kent Western Drafter saddle for myself. I’m getting used to it day by day, and its going great.”

Sam was keen to purchase a quantity of other gear when we saw him at Baryulah, and since our first meeting with him at Nockatunga, he has consistently stocked up with ringers gear via mail order and internet. Sam laughs and says, “I’ll end up having to open my own shop soon…. I’ll try to ease off the spending,… next year”.