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Sara Collins, Desert Hand Cream, Morney Plains Station, Sth Wst Qld

“A tube for the handbag-
A tub for the beside table.”

Kent Saddlery’s Supa Float shop mainly carries gear for the stock workers on the cattle stations visited. However, Home Tutor Sara Collins was definite about what she wanted to buy when she came to the shop during our stop over at Morney Plains Station, far South West QLD, in August 2012. When we first met Sara in 2011 at Keeroongooloo Station, near Windorah, West QLD, she purchased some Desert Cream and was impressed with the product. A year later, she requested “a tube to put in my handbag, and a tub for the bedside table…. It’s a great hand and body cream; it moisturises and protects. I really like it.”

Sara is representative of numbers of young and some not-so-young people who, with a background in administration, tourism, hotel hospitality, teaching and/or child care, are enjoying the roles of governess/home tutor, and contributing to the education of kids on remote outback cattle stations.