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Rayham and Ina Francis were living in Toowoomba QLD where they made the Clovely Cut Cure and Clovely Hoof Care products when we began our association with Clovely Horse Products. Sadly, Rayham passed away at the age of 90 in January 2014.

From 2010, Rayham and Ina’s daughter, Joanne, with a lively interest in the care and health of horses, took over the production and marketing of Cut Cure/Hoof Care, and we at Kent Saddlery are pleased to be able to continue our association with the Francis family, and we’re pleased to be providing a ready supply of a product which many of our customers recommend.

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In 1944, at the age of 23, Rayham worked as a ringer on Abingdon Downs, North of Georgetown, Qld. During that time he met and worked with an Irish horse trainer whom he refers to as the “Irish horse doctor”. The “doctor” made and used the ointments on race horses, and before he died gave the recipe to Rayham.

Following his marriage to Ina, they experienced the heartache of the destruction of their home by fire. A wooden box containing the recipe was saved, and the recipe remained in the box for 40 years. Twenty years ago, Rayham and Ina rediscovered the recipe and began making the ointments, registering the Clovely products in 1986.

Rayham still maintains a keen interest in horses, and has used the products to carry out unheard of rehabilitation and healing of everything from severe lacerations, cracked and split hooves to other supposedly incurable ailments and conditions.

The Clovely Cut Cure and Hoof Care products are registered with the DPI and have been highly recommended by breeders, trainers and farriers.

This couple are an absolute inspiration to us! Full of life, they are an example of what Lyle refers to as “re-tyre-ment”. We’d be very happy if we have even some of their energy and drive at their age.
Lyle and Helen, 2010

Image caption:

1) Rayham and Ina Francis in their garden in Toowoomba.