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Doherty Kids – Wondoola Station, Gulf of Queensland

Doherty Kids - Wondoola Station, Gulf of Queensland 1

“How time flies”

Hayden, Mitchell and Penny Doherty were as lively and enthusiastic as ever when Lyle and Helen visited them at Wondoola Station in Qld’s Gulf in April 2013. Their parents, Scott and Bec Doherty have been operational managers at Wondoola since 2011.

Seeing kids like the Dohertys is a constant reminder of “how time flies” … one year they’re babies or not even born yet, and the next they’re all in school, visiting the travelling shop and choosing items they have been permitted to purchase.

On the morning following the shopping, Penny’s itinerary included giving an extensive, whirlwind tour of Wondoola’s dog kennels, chook pens, pony enclosures and horse yards to meet the Doherty kids’ respective pets.

Then came the challenging task of harnessing their boundless energy for the purpose of taking a photo of the trio, along with their spontaneous smiles and new gear.

Once Hayden had completed a vigorous performance of whip cracking, they were persuaded to stand still long enough to get the photo “in the bag”, and just in time for school.

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1) Mitchell, Hayden and Penny