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Kent Saddles on Cattle Stations

Each year we travel to the cattle stations of northern and western Australia so we receive continual input and feedback from people who use saddles every day. We feel privileged to have been part of a major evolution in Australian saddles, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of saddle improvements with the introduction of new technology. You can read more about Australian Stock Saddles and the Evolution of Kent Saddles.

One of the reasons and an incentive for Lyle and Helen to travel to outback cattle stations is to check out how our saddles and gear are performing in the tough conditions of everyday stock work.

It’s satisfying to take a walk to the yards, and find a line up of Kent Saddles ready for the muster. Some of these Kent Saddles at Auvergne Station were into their fifteenth year of continual use when the photo was taken in 2010, and any maintenance needed has been simple and minimal. Kent Saddles are designed for strength and reliability, and because we are willing and keen to complete any maintenance work, we’ve ensured that they are very easy to dismantle and reassemble.

It is our commitment to personalised service which has ensured that our customers are more than happy to share their experiences, as you will see on the Saddle Testimonials page. Kent Saddles are now sold in every state of Australia and also overseas, particularly New Zealand. In 2015 our saddle tally stands at over 3000.

Image captions:

1) Kent Saddles, Auvergne Station, Victoria River Region, NT, 2010

2) Trying saddles at Lissadell Station, 1997.