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Handcrafted and Custom Made

custom made saddle, without the custom price!
It’s your saddle – It’s your choice

Kent Saddle Range

We are committed to providing affordable, value for money, low maintenance, handcrafted and custom made saddles.


Saddle Options

We are committed to “going the extra mile” for our customers with high quality saddle materials and wide range of saddle options.


Fitting A Saddle

We are committed to customising a saddle to suit horse and rider. Our experienced saddlers will guide you through the process.

Fit My Saddle

Over 3000 unique saddles sold around the world

At Kent Saddlery we’ve been producing handmade and custom made saddles since 1991. We have made over 3000 saddles and find that with so many saddles out there, satisfied customers do our promoting for us.  We now receive regular orders from every region of Australia, New Zealand, and around the world for our Saddle Range >

A saddle that fits you and your horse well

“Custom made” and “handcrafted” are terms used quite loosely at times. What does it mean to buy a handcrafted custom made Kent Saddle? It means the saddle is handmade in our workshop to suit the unique requirements of each individual customer.
We offer any combination of rough and smooth leather and a wide range of Saddle Options >
The customisation information required about horse and rider is detailed in our guide to Fitting A Saddle >

Expert guidance from a depth of experience

Choosing a saddle to suit you and your horse may seem difficult or confusing. There are hundreds of saddles on the market with a wide range of quality and prices. Our saddle makers have extensive experience working with horses and making saddles. When you have questions about saddles, we have someone available to give you advice to help you make the right choice. Call 1800 651 535 for an obligation free chat with one of our saddlers

Meet The Saddlers

Kent Saddles are custom made by our experienced team of saddlers at our store and workshop in Queensland, Australia.

Call 1800 651 535 to chat with Ben, Daniel or Tom about your saddle questions or needs.

Lyle Kent
Lyle KentSaddle Maker, Owner & Founder
Lyle spent five years working on properties and cattle stations in the Northern Territory during the 1960’s and has been working with saddles since 1988.
Ben Kent
Ben KentSaddle Maker, Management Team
Ben has had four years of experience on Northern cattle stations. He continues his involvement these days with horse training, and has been a leatherwork trainer for young people.
Daniel Kent
Daniel KentSaddle and Tree Maker
Daniel has experience on stations and has been working on saddles and leather gear with Kent Saddlery since 2002. He is our resident saddle tree expert.
Tom Garland
Tom GarlandSaddle and Tree Maker
Tom started with Kent Saddlery in 2003 as high school work experience and has been with us since. He is a passionate craftsman who has won awards for his restoration work of old saddles.

We’re here to help

You are invited to free call on 1800 651 535 or visit us in store for an obligation free conversation with one of our saddlers.

We welcome your call and we’re happy to spend time talking about saddles!