Alexandria Station

“Kent Saddlery offers an excellent mail order service. I put in an order; …. It’s all there!”

Ross Peatling, Manager, Alexandria Station, Barkly Tableland, NT

Alexandria is an oasis community in the midst of the Barkly Tablelands, N.T., and driving towards it from a distance it’s hard to believe the sight of different vegetation on the horizon is actually the large station complex that it is!

Alexandria is a vast cattle station with two out stations, Gallipoli and Soudan, and is managed by Ross Peatling, who together with his wife Robyn has made Alexandria their home for the last 16 years. To us, Ross is a man of few words, and these words invariably have impact! We appreciate his “Yes” to the purchase of Kent Saddles and gear over the years, and the generous hospitality extended to us by everyone at Alexandria.

The vast flatness of the Barkly Tablelands lends itself to our ability to become slightly confused when driving out to a stockcamp at, for example No36 or No31 bore.

In the outback, distances mysteriously expand and contract according to the memory or perception of the person giving the directions! We freely admit many landmarks are difficult for us to identify or find. In all our travels we’ve come to regard (with a measure of doubt) the adage “You can’t miss it!”