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Karl and Alexandria stamping their belts

Karl Schmidt and Alexandria Mulcahy from Victoria dropped into Kent Saddlery last week and bought some belts and leather pouches and couldn't wait to do some leather stamping on them! At Kent Saddlery's Retail Store we have an area in front of the store where you can stamp (for free) leather shapes or a belt you've bought in store.

2016-09-23T19:16:22+10:00September 23rd, 2016|General|

The days of wearing swords on horseback

DID YOU KNOW that the principle of leading horses, doing up their tack, and mounting from the near side (the horse's left) goes back to the days of wearing swords on horseback? Since a sword is usually hung from the left hip, mounting from the left means the scabbarded sword does not have to cross [...]

2016-09-21T21:30:40+10:00September 10th, 2016|General|

‘Stories of Australian Country People’ being enjoyed from across the globe in Canada!

Julia Palmer said, "We love our copy of Kent Saddlery's Stories of Australian Country People! It's always fun to read about ranching in other parts of the world and this book combines the stories with beautiful photos of both the people and the land. It captures both hardships and joys of working and living on the land.”

2016-11-24T16:37:41+10:00September 8th, 2016|General, Stories of Australian Country People|