Meda Station

“Lyle and Helen Kent have been visiting us for the last 16 years, and their commitment to getting out and talking to station people, and taking their product to the market has resulted in quality saddles and gear well suited to our needs.

We have found Kent Saddles to be low maintenance and tough. The fact that Lyle comes to your door step looks, discusses and gathers knowledge of how his saddles can be adjusted , modified and changed to suit different needs , we feel gives Kent Saddles the edge over other suppliers.

Great to see a family business producing quality items at competitive prices, items that are designed and made using knowledge gained after many years of travelling resulting in durable practical gear.”

Jamie and Gemma Laurisson – Meda Station, Derby, WA

We have good strong memories of Meda. We spent three weeks there during our first trip in 1991 with our boys, dog, the Landcruiser, trailer, and tents.

The manager at that time, John Forrester, arranged to talk with Lyle early on our first morning to discuss the needed saddle repairs, as he (John) was going to be away that day. He woke us in pitch dark at 3.30am!! We needed a reminder of what “early” really means in the outback.

Meda is one of the most distant cattle stations on our annual trip, and we associate it with spectacular Boab trees, and a sense of achievement for simply getting there.

We’ve had a long and satisfying association with the present manager Jamie Laurisson, his wife Gemma and children Georgie, Alex, Will and Angus, and Meda has consistently purchased our saddles and gear. We look forward to meeting with them each year, and value their friendship and hospitality.