Riversleigh Leather School Youth Training Program

In July of 2007, Ben travelled to Riversleigh Station in the Gulf of north Queensland to take part in a training program for young indigenous people, organised by Boyd Curran, who is the Pastoral Adviser for Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Company.

Ben gave instruction in leather work during the four day program, which also included horsemanship, and other activities. The horsemanship instructor, Andrew Currie, is a gifted horseman, and an effective communicator, and Ben was interested and impressed with Andrew’s skills in teaching and encouraging the young participants.

Ben enjoyed himself, and counted it a privilege to be part of the initiative. A lot of time, effort and planning went into the program, the aim of which was to provide inspiration, and help the young people to realise their potential. All the participants in the leather work classes made a belt, a quart pot pouch, watch pouch,and rope halter. Ben described it as pretty full on, and satisfying for everyone.

Lance and Kylie Hutley, managers of Riversleigh Station hosted the program, and their enthusiastic involvement reinforced our observation of their commitment to indigenous young people through employment and ongoing training at Riversleigh Station.