The Duncan Highway

Our drive ‘down the Duncan’ is always an ‘Event’, for several reasons. The road crosses the NT, W.A. border three times, and depending on the timing of respective council roadworks,driving conditions can change suddenly from reasonable to shocking! We’ve met the Rosewood “mob” at Bobtail Yards close to the Victoria highway when the road was impassable, and we’re extremely disappointed if we can’t get to the stations along the Duncan; Rosewood, Argyle Downs, Waterloo, Spring Creek and Mistake Creek.

Whatever the conditions, the drive is a scenic and contrasting experience, with creek crossings, timbered and open country, the striking black basalt ridges running parallel to the road, and in places, extensive views of distant mountains.

The people living along the Duncan have great working and social relationships, supporting each other when needed, and getting together when possible for fun and friendship. There’s an ongoing state of amiable rivalry and teasing, which keeps everyone on their toes in a state of ready retaliation!

Over the years, we’ve come to look forward to our drive ‘down the Duncan’ where the country is almost as interesting and enjoyable as the people.