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“On The Road Again” – Kent Saddlery Travel History (OLD)

As we met with Outback clients in 2007, we talked about the possibility of doing something different, and the something different is now a reality. As we plan, and dream, and feel energetic and keen to keep travelling for theforeseeable future, we now have a completely different travelling outfit. We’re certain it will be great for us, and the outback customers we visit on “the trip”; convinced it will represent comfort and onvenience for everyone.

We’ll be transferring to a 7 tonne Hino truck with airbags and a custom built 23 foot body, manufactured by Terry and Geraldine Dwan at Supa Floats, arwick. The inside will be taken up with living quarters, and the display of saddlery gear and shop will open outward instead of the walk-in arrangement of previous years. We’ll all have more room to move, and will avoid the smelly sock syndrome! (Totally excusable at the end of a hard days work we might add!) Following is a brief, illustrated overview of Kent Saddlery travel history.

Since 2000, the Macro gooseneck trailer, pulled by two successive Isuzu 5 tonne trucks, has been terrific, and they have all proved themselves in strength and eliability. From the Landcruiser and trailer and tents, to our first Isuzu truck and old gooseneck, through to the new Isuzu and Macro gooseneck, we’ve covered probably 400,000 kilometres, made over 1000 station visits, had some terrific experiences, and met some very memorable people.

As we continue to service and connect with remote customers,we are convinced that travelling is still an important part of our business. The feedback received while travelling helps us to continually adapt and add to product quality and range.

Image captions:

1) Return to Liveringa camp site, 2007. Izuzu truck and Macro gooseneck.

2) Durham Downs camp site, 1994.

3) Meda Station, near Derby 1991. Daniel, Jamie and Paul.

4) Creek crossing, 2003. Izuzu truck and first gooseneck

5) Mt Sanford Station 2007