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Clinton and Linton

Clinton Hall and Linton Smith are both employed at Scott Creek Station near Katherine, where Clinton is the Manager, and Linton the Head Stockman. Scott Creek Station is owned by John and Kate McLoughlin who purchased it in 2005.

Clinton has worked across the north of Australia for many years and Linton has worked with Clinton on and off over the years. We met both men in 2000 when they were contract mustering at Laurel Downs in the Kimberleys, and they both purchased Kent Saddles.

Clinton reports that he’d tried several saddles, and with the rough tough work conditions, three successive saddles had suffered broken trees. He wanted a tough, all purpose saddle; one in which he could ride young horses, compete, and use for mustering. “You’ve pretty well got it covered with the way you’re making saddles. My Kent saddle is like a favourite shirt … you want to wear it every day”.

Linton is satisfied that his Kent saddle has never rubbed a horse out, and he’s tested it thoroughly on over 300 horses during breaking in and mustering work.

He comments, “Kent Saddlery back-up service is second to none – with the saddles you’ve got everything you need”

Having bought a station special saddle the first time round, Linton states that “a saddle with cable rigging would be my choice for the next saddle”.

It’s always good to catch up with people who’ve bought our saddles some time ago, and are still happy with them.

Good to see you Clinton and Linton – we appreciate your comments.

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1) Clinton and Linton with their saddles at Scott Creek. NT