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Anthony “Pom”

Pup’s “get up and go” comment applies to one of the ringers in the Blina stock camp. ‘Pom’ you guessed it – is an English backpacker, small in stature, big in attitude. He came to the Supafloat shop, looking for a bargain, and ready to haggle about prices. Lyle has a rehearsed response which includes facts about the cost of fuel in the outback, and the price of truck tyres! A lively, good humoured exchange of cross culture ideas followed, keeping everyone entertained!

Anthony, back in England, always wanted to ride a bull in a rodeo. Having run with the bulls in Spain, he was keen for another bull experience. “I … em …. typed in ‘Australian stockman’ on the internet, and come oop with Kent Saddlery, and …em … worked my way through your website really, and found the employers links, which I found fantastic; all in woon place.I joost tracked through and sent the applications off.

I found it very helpful having your Ringers list on there, gave me an idea of the equipment I would need. Also, you’ve got your stories in there which also gave me a bit of an insight into life on a cattle station.”

Asked what made him want to come and ride bulls in Australia, Anthony responds, “Em, joost the thrill of it really; the excitement.” And what does he think of life in Oz? “It’s toof out on a station, there’s no doot aboot that! No it’s good foon. You meet new people, and I think in the end you become friends for a long time afterwards, I’d say.”
Fantastic foon meeting you Anthony – no doot aboot it!

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1) “Pom” – Kimberley Ringer