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“Australia” – the movie

In 2007 we met up with Mark and Margaret Gordon of Koongie Park Station, Halls Creek, WA, at “Diggers Rest”, near Wyndham, WA where they were contract mustering. On our way to their camp, we kept seeing groups of cleanskin shorthorn cattle, and were wondering why they were there.
Arriving at Mark’s camp, we soon discovered that he and the stockcamp were there to muster wild cleanskin cattle out of the mountain ranges, for inclusion in scenes for the movie ‘Australia’ starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.
In fact, most of north Australia was abuzz about the movie, with some filming taking place at Carlton Hill near Kununurra. There were quite a number of Station people from all over the north involved with the movie.
Mark, some of his children and relatives, and other Koongie Park people were also involved in the movie, so it was interesting to watch and recognise people while watching a famous movie!