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Kings Ropes

Kings Ropes have proved themselves at Humbert River Station. Everyone in the stockcamp has one, and they’re used for everything to do with horses, cattle and towing.

According to Tom Shephard (manager at the time) “They don’t kink, and are easy to roll up. They’re light for their strength and still heavy enough to throw without too much skill. You can double them up and tie them in the middle anywhere. They’re a good, strong, reliable, low maintenance rope. After you’ve used them, you just wrap them up and throw them over your shoulder again, which some people say is a Cape York thing. I say “Humbert River and Cape York – same place mate!”

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Image captions:

1) Kings Rope being put to the test, Humbert River Station, NT

2) L to R: Sam Benham, Hugh Bryant, Tom Shephard, Alex Bryant, Grant Connolly, Jess Federow