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Angus Elliot, Lake Nash Station NT

Extrabled Head Stockman

There are people we’ve met in our travels who prompt a ‘Wow’ response, and Angus Elliot is one. There should be a word to describe someone like Angus, because ‘disabled’ doesn’t cut it. How about ‘extrabled’?

In 2002 we met Angus at Alroy Downs, Northern Territory. John Stafford was the Manager and Angus was in the stock camp. It soon became clear that Angus was deaf, and we were amazed at his tenacity in pursuing a career in the cattle industry. Angus has always been a keen shopper and we were privileged to supply an Equaliser Western Drafter saddle for him in 2007. We communicate with Angus with handwritten notes, some speech, sign and body language, and through workmates, who understand him quite well.

In 2004, Angus shifted with John and Susan Stafford to Miranda Downs in Queensland’s Gulf country. John and Susan provided an understanding and supportive environment, allowing Angus to begin and continue with life as a ringer. His awesome Mother, Shona Hall, willingly encourages him, and we are impressed with the acceptance and respect extended to Angus by fellow workers.

Angus shifted to Lake Nash Station, Northern Territory in 2007, where George Scott is Manager. He has also been promoted from the position of ringer into the leadershiprole of Weaner Camp Head Stockman. George and Angus have a boisterous, stimulating friendship, and successful working relationship. George’s tribute to Angus says so much, and we remain inspired by this young man’s endeavours and overcoming attitude.

On our visit to Lake Nash in 2008, we were communicating as well as we c ould with Angus about his job as Head Stockman. Describing a particular incident he protested, “Nobody ever listens to me!”

Angus, you’re a hero!

“Working with Angus Elliot has been and continues to be so very rewarding. He is as dedicated and diligent in his work as you could wish from any employee, and has earned all the respect he gets. We tend to take him for granted too often. Because he is determined to be the same as all of us, I do at times have to remind myself and others, that we can only imagine what a world without sound is like. We have our moments with Angus – he is very difficult to work with at night!

But he does respond well to a thrown clod or rock – provided it’s not too accurate!
Angus and his crew handled over 20 000 weaners in 2007 and quieter, better handled cattle wouldn’t be seen anywhere. He has every excuse to find something easier to do, and has the intelligence to do anything – but this is what he wants – and we are much the richer for it.”
– George Scott

Angus Elliot – Testimony
“I purchased my third saddle from Kent Saddlery in 2007. I’ve ridden my stockhorses, workhorses and done camp drafting with my Equaliser Western Drafter saddle. Every time, everyday, it’s a very comfortable ride in my saddle and I appreciate it the best. I appreciate Kent Saddlery’s services, hospitality and their business. I’m a keen horse rider, and a camp drafter. I have been riding on horses since I was a toddler on my family property near Bingara in NSW. I lived on the Sunshine oast during most of my school days. After I graduated from school I went working as a farm hand for three years, before I moved North to gain my career; from a farmhand to ackeroo, stockman, and now a Weaner amp Head Stockman. I have had many experiences, careers, and adventures!

I was born profoundly deaf.”

Image captions:

1) Angus Elliot, Head Stockman at Lake Nash

2) George Scott, Manager, Lake Nash