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Bavin Cherry

“No substitute for being genuine”

In 1961 Bavin Cherry began his working life as a mechanic. By January 1969 he was a sales manager, and Sales has been his forte and passion in 47 years in the truck industry. This enthusiastic, dedicated man has enjoyed the years spent in the industry. “What I enjoy most is looking after the customers. If you walk away, you let people down. I share a lot of myself with people; there’s no substitute for being genuine.”

Bavin has been with Vanderfield for sixteen years, and in 1993 the company acquired the Hino franchise. Bavin is committed to selling a quality product; a product that people need, not necessarily what they want. With his vast experience, Bavin believes he knows absolutely what people need. When he heard our plans and requirements, he quickly advised that we purchase a 7 tonne Hino, and not the 6 tonne truck we thought would be adequate.

Bavin places emphasis on service. “People will go where they know they’re going to get looked after.” Vanderfield Hino have 2 aeroplanes which will fly to people if they’re in trouble, and they service an area covering Toowoomba, Longreach and Mt Isa. We were pleased to know that if we needed it, we would be able to access specialised help across the Top End.

When we decided it was “time for a change” from our truck and gooseneck to a body truck and built-on float, we went to Vanderfield Hino, mainly because we were keen about Hino’s airbag suspension. We were impressed with the interest and prompt attention given by Bavin and the team, and their willingness to make the modifications necessary or our requirements. Bavin worked closely and efficiently with Supafloats, Warwick, and together they had our Hino truck and Supafloat ready to go at the specified time. Our first trip in the truck in 2008 was great! We travel on some rough roads, and the Hino performed really well.

Thank you Bavin and all at Vanderfield Hino.

Image captions:

1) Bavin Cherry

2) Tipperary Station, NT

3) Shopping at Keeroongooloo, SW Qld

4) Barkly Tableland, NT