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Bob Horne

Mt Rascal, Qld

“Happy riding, mates”

It’s the second Kent Saddle we’ve purchased; the first one was for myself.I already knew how good they were. The reason I purchased a Kent Western Drafter, was that one of our camp draft horses turns so quick, without warning,and I’ve been thrown out of traditional stock saddles in camp a few times;which is a bit of an embarrassment! With a Kent saddle its happened a few times; so quick, then back the other way again, but I’ve stayed in it just like you were using a seat belt. So far so good … I am yet to get thrown out of the Kent saddle.Also the cable rigging comes in very handy as you can adjust the girth lace on different horses. I am very happy and glad I’ve got my own Equaliser Western Drafter with extra attachments for a webbing surcingle.

I was raised on my grandparents dairy farm in early days near Mt Rascal and have been around horses and cattle most of my life. During part of my life I became very sick and spent many months on end in hospital. I then lost most of my hearing, but the deafness hasn’t stopped me doing what I’ve set out to do.

I now live at Mt Rascal which is hilly country and most of our horses are quarter horses and Australian stock horses. I do campdrafting and mustering whenever I’m asked to help we used to use normal saddles, and some used to give horses sore backs after a long day under them. So when our Son, Dermus outgrew his old saddle after many years doing stockwork and campdrafting, we looked around for good ones to suit us.Wasn’t happy with many, then a friend recommended Kents. With their helpful service Dermus got a Western Drafter which he is very confident with. When he wasn’t using it, or away, I used to flog his Kent Saddle to go campdrafting or mustering. Time had come to purchase my own, so I got the Western Drafter with webbing surcingle for extra girth; just in case of polocrosse or pony club with rules of two girths. Now whenever my wife comes riding with me, I’ve been forced to use old ones (saddles), because she says she feels safer and comfortable in mine on lively horses. I’ve recommended these saddles to campdrafting mates and anyone else. I even let them try them at campdrafting. I can tell that a third one will be on order soon. Happy riding, mates!

Bob, who has been deaf since the age of 6 is one of the most inspirational people we’ve been privileged to meet. He is consistently positive and enthusiastic, and it’s obvious that his life experiences have served to make and not break Bob’s confidence, and his ability to live life to the full.