2010, People, Stories and Articles

Danny Darby

Overseer at Kimberley Downs, West Kimberleys
“…pretty proud of that belt”

When we visited Meda Station, Danny drove over from Kimberley Downs, an outstation of Meda, and among other gear, he bought a new belt. He’d purchased his first belt at Blina when we visited in 1998. He spent 4 years at Blina, 4 years at Yeeda Station, and 2 years at Broome, driving fuel trucks, before returning to station life at Kimberley Downs with his wife and 3 children. “I’m pretty proud of that belt; I’ve had good mileage out of it.”

Its great to see Kent Saddlery products that have ‘stood the test of time.” In particular, we congratulate people like Danny, who are purchasing a new belt with an identical (almost!) number of holes.

Note: Many customers ask that provision to be made for the difference between a Wet and Dry Season waist measurement!