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Chris Hutchinson

Horizon Contracting
“Getting the Job done”

Chris Hutchinson works with Horizon Contracting, owned and operated by Paul and Sue Brosnan, and we met the camp at Moola Bulla Station, WA when we visited in 2010.

2000 was the beginning of our long association with Chris, when he bought a Kent Saddle (Saddle No.338). He was seventeen years of age, and working at Birrindudu Station, NT, managed at the time by Paul and Sue. He spent five years at “DuDu”, then shifted to Victoria River Downs Station, NT, working with machinery and gaining valuable skills. When Chris left school he “couldn’t afford to go to Uni”, and found employment driving tractors, graders and dozers. His natural abilities around machines and mechanics are balanced by skills in working with horses and cattle.

Described as “a b….. good cattleman”, Paul and Sue also affirm Chris as a “Go-to man, and a quiet achiever”. The Brosnans have absolute confidence, giving him an Overseer/Management role when the contracting camps are working at different locations. “He runs his own show; he’s got great people skills.”

Chris, for his part, is quietly satisfied. “It’s a job I enjoy; going different places, seeing different things. I’m happy doing the work.”

In 2010, Chris was replacing the original set of well worn fenders with a new pair. He was reluctant about the new ones. “I don’t like new fenders, breaking them in is a pain.” With characteristic simplicity, his evaluation of the Kent Saddle he’s been riding for a decade is, “it gets the job done, every day.”