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Wet Outback Travel 2011

A wonderful season –
Flowing creeks and rivers, green feed, fat cattle.

Water, water everywhere! Lake Bindegolly, Thargomindah, Sth West Qld, 2010.

For many places, 2010 will long be remembered as the year the drought broke, as the following photos show. From the time Lyle and Helen set out on ‘The Trip’ in early April, there was hardly a day without some rain, or the promise of rain, and when we reached Aroona Station near Katherine, NT at the end of May, the storm clouds were dark and gathering!

The rain pelted down, dumping 100mls in a very short time, and similar storms and rain fronts brought substantial falls in areas right across the North West, and Far South West Qld. It was wonderful to see green feed, flowing creeks and rivers, and fat cattle.

People everywhere were encouraged and looking with hope to the benefits of the big wet. Some places hadn’t had rain for years, and we met with a lot of happy folk. Many first round musters were held up, with paddocks made inaccessible, and some roads, bridges, homes and livestock adversely affected. However the long term benefits will continue to be celebrated.

During our four months of outback travel in 2010, we managed to avoid getting stuck a few times, became frustratingly stuck three times, and experienced serious bog situations twice! We also blotted our copy book by failing to get to a cattle station when we said we would. As usual, outback people lived up to their reputation, and help was never far away. We appreciate so much the generous response of those from Kalyeeda, Nerrima, Myroodah, Liveringa, Currawilla, Kamaran Downs, Cordillo Downs and Nappa Merrie, who readily came to our rescue.

Image captions:

1) Water, water everywhere! Lake Bindegolly, Thargomindah, Sth West Qld, 2010.

2) Storm brewing at Aroona Station, NT

3) What a season!
Durham Downs Station, Channel Country, Far Sth West Qld, 2010.

4) Birds eye view of channels in flood. Sth West Qld, 2010.
Photo by Lorraine Kath. Mt Leonard Station

5) Now what…..?
Kalyeeda, West Kimberleys

6) Bog Reflections, Cordillo Downs, South Australia

7) When the going got tough! The tough got us going!
Liveringa Station, West Kimberleys