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Jessica – The Poddy Calf

The Poddy Calf

In 2009, Lyle and Helen were driving towards Gregory in the QLD Gulf, when we came upon a solitary little calf, walking forlornly along the highway.

Lyle managed to foil it’s attempts to escape into the long grass, and we hoisted the baby heifer into the living quarters of the truck. We already hoped and planned that “our” calf would find a home at Mellish Park, with the Webber family. Sure enough, when we visited them the next day, they graciously accepted her into their poddy orphanage. Together we decided to call her Jessica, and naturally Jessica Kent, who was in Brisbane, and had no say in the matter, was delighted when she heard!

In 2011, we reconnected with Heifer Jessica at Mellish Park.
My, how she’d grown

Image captions:

1) Poddy Jessica with her Mellish Park family.
Standing: Al & Bev Webber, Ann Webber with Georgie.
Front: Ali Baxter, Pj Webber, Josh Ward and Friends.

2) Helen with Jessica 2011