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Jimmy McGlynn

Jimmy McGlynn
Helen Springs Station, Tennant Creek N.T


In 2009, Jimmy also had the misfortune of suffering extensive head injuries resulting from a fall off a motorbike (colliding with a beast in bad light.) For this dedicated young ringer it’s been a slow but steady recovery, and “massive fatigue” is a major hurdle to overcome. Assisted by the support of family and friends, and strengthening himself with a big dose of sheer determination, he‘s coming through. “The doctors kept telling me, “you won’t get back to where you were before the accident” Jimmy retaliated, “You don’t know me!”

Hundreds of people across North Queensland and the Northern Territory DO know Jimmy, and have been amazed at his return to health and strength. In May 2011, and unbeknown to Jimmy, his sister-in-law Vikki, at Brunchilly Station nominated him for the Northern Territory’s “Best Ringer” award. Someone came to interview Jimmy about work at Helen Springs, and his aspirations for the future. The casual questions turned out to be part of the judging process. Much to Jimmy’s astonishment, he won the award! This was followed by an interview with ABC radio during the Nixon’s Campdraft.

As 2011 progressed, the position for headstockman at Helen Springs became vacant, and Jimmy felt ready to take it on. Jimmy has found that it’s really good working for manager Chris Towne. “I’m taking on a heap more responsibility, which is a good challenge.”

Here is a young man who has faced a huge challenge, and continues, with tenacity and grit, to accept ongoing challenges. It’s very likely he’ll handle many more yearlings, and give that Kings Rope a thorough work out.
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