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Competition Winner – Queensland Country Life Saddle, 2013

Queensland Country Life – Winners

A Custom Made Kent Saddle

The 2013 Winner

Emily Jenson, near Maryborough, QLD.


The 2012 Winner
Warren and Lyn Hosie from Malanda, Qld.

Queensland Country Life has teamed up with Kent Saddlery, to give readers the chance to win the “ultimate saddle and accessories package” valued at over $5000.00.

2011 Winner

Rachael Ferling, Quilpie Qld
Western Drafter Slimline Saddle

“Superior customer service”

I have one word to describe my new Kent saddle and that is “BRILLIANT!” I was fortunate enough to win the 2011 Kent Saddlery competition in the QLD Country Life, and I chose to receive the Equaliser Western Drafter Slimline Saddle.

This saddle is everything I imagined a custom made Kent Saddle would be, plus more. The staff at Kent Saddlery are brilliant; I feel that the superior customer service is thorough and very customised to the individual. Daniel made my saddle, and I felt very sorry for him when I sometimes rang 3 times in a day to ‘customise’ my saddle. As I have absolutely NO experience with saddle making, Daniel was very professional and patient, and thoroughly explained everything I asked.

I only began riding in 2008 (being taught by some very patient and close friends of mine). Having lived in Quilpie for a year and wanting to try something new, I saw an ad on a notice board asking for polocrosse players. I approached the club and said I would have a go, but had to learn how to ride a horse first. Once I felt I was ‘ok’ on a horse I was given a polocrosse racket and ball and told to “have fun and hang on!” I began to learn how to play polocrosse with the Quilpie Polocrosse Club in 2010, and it is now a passion of mine. It just so happened that luck was on my side, as I survived the season and went on to win the 2011 Country Life Kent Saddlery Competition.

This saddle was made to suit my gelding; however I have ridden several others horses in the saddle, and ensuring that padding was ample, I have had a successful and comfortable ride every time. I have used my saddle for polocrosse, mustering cattle, and pleasure riding, and it has proved to be comfortable and fantastic every time. It has been easy to care for, and now, having been used for quite some time, it still looks immaculate. I put this down to the expertise of the Kent Saddlery staff who make this product, deliver it, and then follow up with care and questions that ensure that their customers get the best out of their saddles.

I want to give a huge thank you to Lyle and Helen for running the competition, also a big thank you to Daniel (my ‘patient’ saddle maker), and all the other staff at Kent Saddlery who made my experience great.
If anyone asks me what I think of my new Kent Saddle, I say that one word “Brilliant”, and would recommend Kent Saddlery every time.

The lucky winner/s received the following:

Kent Campdrafter Saddle – mounted

Leather Station Briefcase

Large Leather Saddle Bag

Quart Pot and Leather Pouch

Leather Edge Sewn Bridle with Brass Plate

Glenvale Forge Stockman’s Bit

Plaited Rope Campdraft Reins

Leather Stockman’s Belt with Pouch

Moore Maker 3 Blade Pocket Knife

Watch and Leather Pouch

3/8″ King’s Rope

Leather Edge Sewn Breastplate

Redhide Whip with Half Plait Handle

Image caption:

1) Rachael playing polo crosse riding Hottie while sporting her new custom-made Kent Saddle