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De Grey Stock Camp – BELTS

All stock camps are uniquely dynamic, with workers coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. De Grey stock camp, visited during Lyle and Helen’s 2012 Saddlery trip was no exception. The team consisted of a lively mix of Irish, Canadian, Estonian, German, and Australian workers who, along with two visiting Vet. Science students, were coping well with the need for cross cultural understanding. Communication in getting the job done would undoubtedly be a stimulating challenge!

An early morning start in the dark was no deterrent to a genuinely happy snap at De Grey Station near Port Headland W.A.,where stock camp members were keen for work and equipped with new Kent Saddlery belts. (Spot two visiting Vet students; predictably “student poor” and NOT wearing new belts.)

Image caption:

1) (Left to Right) Josh Ovens, Richard Trinder, Leah Singer, Brigita Kotzi, Clare Hodgson, Jess Currie (Head Stockperson) James Cope, Mitch Laughten, Eric Rietveld, Sam Thurkle, Danny Connor.