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Doug Struber, Manager, Rosewood Station, N.T. – Clovely Cut Cure

“We started using Clovely Cut Cure when Lyle and Helen first left sample tubs. We began by using it on saddle sores and noticed how quickly the hair came back on the rubbed areas. We then tried it with deep wounds such as barbed wire cuts and puncture wounds, I cleaned them and let them dry and packed them up with Cut Cure three times a week. Wounds healed very fast and so did the scarred areas.’’

Doug Struber and his wife Joanne have been at Rosewood for fourteen plus years now and Doug remains committed to producing top quality cattle, good horses and a well run property. Australian stock horses with an infusion of quarter horses are the preferred breed at Rosewood and in 2007, during demolition of the old homestead, an historical and comprehensive horse book was discovered, dating back to 1934. For Doug, passionate about Rosewood’s history, it was an exciting find.