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Robyn Lound, Cheque Book Cover, Caldervale Station, Qld.

In support of the
good old cheque book

Lyle, Helen and Jessica first met Robyn Lound at Caldervale Station, near Tambo, Central Queensland in 2005, along with her partner Bruce Coward and their beautiful daughter Jocee, who was fifteen months old at that time.

We’re appreciative of Bruce and Robyn’s friendship, and their support of our business. A few years ago when Robyn approached us with her winning smile, and a request to make a cheque book cover, we said “Yes’’. In 2012, Robyn’s cheque book and cover were still going strong and so too were the staunch band of cheque book enthusiasts in the bush; holding onto their cheque books with determination and withstanding the onslaught of plastic cards.