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Simon Campbell – Kent Saddlery Gear

A great mob to deal with”

“I got a mate to take this photo of me as we were working one day, because it dawned on me that about everything leather; from saddle and accessories, to dinner hobbles and belt, were all Kent products. We have been using Kent products for some years… we buy because it is about the quality of the leather, workmanship, and reliability of the products. Also, it is just as much about how helpful everyone is about little orders and despatch, and in cheerfully fixing any problems if they occur. Kent Saddlery are a great mob to deal with.

Our horsework has gone full cycle from all horses in the sixties/seventies, through to bikes when it was sheep and cattle, and now the business is all cattle, and the stockwork is all horses. Now we take a bit more pride in the horses than back then, and keep a much smaller string of well maintained horses, with good vet care and always shod for work. We take horses and us to schools and events, so men and horses are all improving together and learning new things. All this makes work better, and adds to the fun. So, good gear goes well with this program.”